15 Nasty belongings you and therefore the remainder of the planet got to Stop Doing At The Gym


For most folks , finding time in our busy schedules to travel to the gym are often a workout in and of itself.

But for those that have dedicated themselves to a healthy lifestyle, congratulations, you have already got more willpower than I do. And while your commitment to a healthy lifestyle is commendable, your disgusting gym habits, on the opposite hand, not such a lot. Many gym rats focus such a lot on perfecting their bodies to the simplest of their abilities that they fail to note those habits.

Numerous studies have revealed that your local gym might be one of the germiest places on the earth. Is it any wonder with the quantity of blood, sweat, and tears shed at the gym each day? So while you would possibly not even realize you’re performing these gym no-nos, others do.

You might want to require a glance at your gym routine and reevaluate your workouts after learning about these 16 gross gym habits that would be putting your health in jeopardy.

1. Wearing makeup to the gym


Whether you’re coming straight from work or getting all dolled up to impress your gym crush, wearing makeup during your workout can be harmful to your skin. Even the lightest layer of makeup can clog your pores, leaving you vulnerable to nasty breakouts.

2. Wearing your hair down

Putting your hair back into a ponytail can seem like an unnecessary step in the workout process, but it could also protect your skin. Most men and women with longer hair use a variety of mousses, sprays or hair gels, that when sweating it out in the gym may cause acne on the shoulders and back.

3.Touching your face while working out

Your face is one of the most common places for germs to collect, so if you’re one to wipe away sweat from your face and forehead, try using a towel instead. You never know what harmful bacteria can be hiding on the gym equipment.

4. Not wiping down machines before and after using them

Just because the staff at your local gym are responsible for keeping machines clean doesn’t mean they won’t miss germs that living on your favorite gym equipment. Oh, and that sweaty guy who used the elliptical before you? Don’t just assume he wiped it off when he was done.

5. Not wearing gloves to lift weights

Just because you wipe down machines doesn’t mean you should be wearing gloves when lifting weights. Gloves prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses that can cause a common gym-related disease known as impetigo. Impetigo is a skin infection that can result in blisters and sores around the mouth.

6. Not bringing your yoga mat

Whether your an avid yoga master or a total novice, it’s recommended that you bring your yoga mat to every class. I mean, just think about how much time you spend sprawled out on the thing. The person before you did the same thing.

7. Not cleaning that yoga mat before using it

And even when you do bring your mat, it’s still important that you clean it between each use to disinfect it. Your germ buildup can make you sick too, folks.

8. You don’t use a mat at all

Not using a mat is just as unhealthy as using a mat that isn’t properly cleaned. Think about this for a minute. You’re in the middle of a public gym barefoot doing intense poses on the same space where athletic sneakers track anything from germs to feces through space. Yuck!

9. Not cleaning your gym bag

Keeping a packed gym bag handy might seem like a time-saver, but it can also turn into a cesspool of germs. If you’re in a hurry post-workout, you probably just throw your shoes and clothes inside the dark, damp bag where germs can multiply by the thousands.

10. Sitting on a bench without a towel

You don’t know what those benches in the locker room have seen. Whether people prop their shoes upon them to tie the laces or, god forbid, they sit their bare butts on there before and after showers, just put your towel down before sitting for good measure.

11. Not cleaning your water bottle before every use

It’s only water, right? Wrong! Taking your bottle to the gym on the regular can expose your bottle to a variety of bacteria, fungi, or yeast that could be harmful to your health. You don’t want that nastiness near your mouth.

12. Using the gym’s water fountain

There’s no clear way to know how often your gym’s water fountains are cleaned, meaning they could be teeming with germs. Think about it. Not only do people’s mouths come into contact with these fountains, but dirty water bottles do, too!

13. Not showering after every workout

You may be in a hurry to go about your day and forego a quick rinse off or shower after a workout, but here’s why you shouldn’t. Your body is coming into contact with plenty of gross bacteria and other substances at the gym, which will follow you like the plague. Just give yourself an extra half hour post-workout.

14. Not wearing shower shoes in the gym shower

If you’ve ever shared a bathroom in college, you know all too well about the risk of athlete’s feet or foot fungus when showering without shoes on your feet. Flip flops were my shower shoe of choice, and I made it through four years of schooling completely fungus-free! The same goes for the gym.

15. Not washing your gym clothes after every gym workout

Sweat and a good workout will cause your workout clothes to collect germs like crazy. Not washing your gym clothes regularly will not only multiply the bacteria after every use, but they could make you susceptible to time Versicolor, a type of yeast infection.

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