How to become a bodybuilder.


Weight lifting
can become a champion in bodybuilding by starting a weight lifting to build muscle, and it takes some time before you start gaining muscles, for starters you will note muscle growth quickly in the beginning, then will become gain muscle at a slower rate, this can be for the novice to old to start lifting weights for three hours a week to increase approximately 1.82 – 6.82 kg during one year without the use of steroids or hormones, in the case of the desire to gain more muscle, you must lift weights for seven hours per week to gain somewhere between 3.6- 9.07 kg per year.

A healthy diet
can have the body of an athlete so they can reach the stage of bodybuilding through a healthy diet and suitable, taking into account the tips below:
Protein intake: Protein is the most important food sources to build muscle and strengthen them, so it is advised to intake a lot of protein at least 1 gram per a half kilo of body weight for best results, you can get protein from chicken, eggs, milk, dairy products, nuts, and vegetables.
Eating a lot of calories: one needs to eat a lot of calories that burn during the day to build muscle properly, you must take into account that whenever one is active, and lasting through the day, it will need more calories and vice versa.
Avoid fast food: helping fast-food gain weight, but they contain a lot of harmful fats that raise the proportion of body fat rather than muscle, so advised to avoid these meals as much as possible.
Eating fruits and vegetables: you should eat fruits and vegetables daily along with food main; as, carbohydrates, fat, and is rich in many vitamins and minerals.

Exercise Strength
can become a champion in bodybuilding when you follow exercise regime is appropriate, this can be done by starting the exercise plan of training is based on strength exercises, examples of exercises that can be done: Free weights, weight machines, exercises squat, and many of the cardio exercises, etc., regardless of the style strength exercises chosen, you must make sure that the level of resistance and the number of iterations high enough to stress the muscles, therefore, recommends the American College of sports medicine exercise three sets of 8-12 repetition for each exercise.

intake includes vitamins and minerals that are essential for muscle construction, for example.: B-complex vitamins are water-soluble, and vitamin C, vitamins soluble in fat such as vitamin K, WA, and D and E, in addition to the need to eat calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

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